We like to keep this part simple, because it is! Because everything we sell is one of a kind and hand-made, all sales are final!  

This information is posted in multiple locations in our booth, as well as on our bag inserts provided with your purchase. No refunds of any kind will be issued after the sale.

Charges for returned credit cards are $35.00, returned check fees are $45.00. If a said fee should occur, you will receive an invoice along with a 30-day period to make said payment in full before it is turned over to a payment retrieval service. 


First and foremost, we stand by our work. If a stone comes out of a ring, or you have an issue with a wire-wrapped piece, we will do whatever needed to fix the problem! However, we will not give credit for stones that are broken or lost. We may use stones with inclusions, but never do we work with stones that are broken or seriously fractured. If you are worried about breaking something with a natural flaw, do not buy it.

We no longer give any discounts or exchange credit for broken or damaged rings, pendants, or other items. Item must be in new condition for any consideration.


We use sterling silver (.925) and 14/20 gold filled wire. Our silver square wire is .975 silver mixed with argentium to slow the tarnishing process. 


To help protect your jewelry, we suggest storing it in a plastic bag when you are not using it and keep it in a cool, dry location. Avoid things like hairspray, suntan lotion, and other agents that may cause discoloration and/or damage to the metal as well as the stones that are used. Use a polishing cloth or silver cleaner that is safe to use with pearls as a general rule for cleaning jewelry with natural stones.

The following are for specific items, but general care instructions are pretty straightforward. 

RINGS: Always remember: You can chip and scratch a diamond, which is a 10 on the hardness scale. That being said, you can definitely chip and crack all other stones if you aren't careful, so be aware when you're wearing them! Avoid submerging in liquids to ensure no moisture gets into micro-cracks or inclusions within the stone. Avoid lotions or over exposure to sunlight when not in use.

METEORITES: Meteorites are metal. Usually iron or nickle, when exposed to moisture, they can and will rust if you get them wet on a regular basis. We typically used rhodium plated meteorites or meteorites less prone to rusting for our jewelry to give them an extra layer of protection against the elements, but you still must be aware while wearing them, especially in rings where moisture can get trapped against the metal. Never saturate or submerge a meteorite in liquid. They will last a lifetime if you treat them right! :) 

AMBER: Amber is fossilized tree sap/resin. Chemicals such as suntan lotions  and hairsprays will degrade, damage, or discolor the amber. Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool dry place.

OPALS: Opals are mostly water. Don't leave them in the sun and keep them away from hairspray and other chemicals.

Above all, use common sense. We are not responsible for damage due to negligence. We want you to love the pieces, but wearing anything 24/7 is asking for trouble. Take them off before you go to bed or take a shower. Do the basics and you be able to enjoy your piece for years to come.

Never hesitate to ask if you have questions about the things you've purchased from us! We are here to help and stand by our work! :) Feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above to send a question if you have one! 

Thanks for your support!