Thanks so much for visiting the Exclusive Inspirations website! Many of you may know us from seeing us at various gemshows or artshows in Wisconsin and Illinois, and hello to all of you! To our new friends and customers from outside our show area whom we haven't met yet- hello to you, as well! :)

We are from Madison, WI and have been in the "rock business" for over 15 years now. In an average year, we typically do between 70 and 100 events or shows. All of the wire wrapping and much of the stone cutting you see at shows or in our online shops were done here in house. We travel to international rock and gem shows to meet with miners from all over the world to get our materials, so nothing is ordered out of catalogs or is mass produced.

Everything is handmade and one of a kind!

Thank you again for your business!

“I hope you enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of each stone and cherish it forever. These are some of the real treasures of our planet.”

Art Awards

 2008, 2010, 2018
Wausau WVAA
Festival of the Arts: Art in the Park
Artists Purchase Award

2018 Agora Art Fair, Fitchburg

Customer's Choice Purchase Award

Art in the Park
First Runner Up over-all


Rockton Fine Art Fair
Merit Award

Fond du Lac Artists Association 
Art on the Island
Second Place: Crafts Category