JEWELRY CARE INSTRUCTIONS:                             

To help protect your jewelry, we suggest storing it in a plastic bag when you are not using it and keep it in a cool, dry location.

Avoid things like hairspray, suntan lotion, and other agents that may cause discoloration and/or damage to the metal as well as the stones that are used.

Use a polishing cloth or silver cleaner that is safe to use with pearls as a general rule for cleaning jewelry with natural stones. We recommend and sell the Sunshine brand polishing cloths.

Wearing anything 24/7 is asking for trouble. Take off your jewelry before you go to bed or take a shower.

Do the basics and you be able to enjoy your piece for years to come!

ALWAYS REMEMBER:  You can chip, scratch and crack a diamond, which is a 10 on the hardness scale. That being said, you can definitely chip, scratch and crack all other stones if you aren't careful, so be aware when you're wearing them! Avoid submerging your jewelry and stones in liquids to ensure no moisture gets into any micro-cracks or inclusions within the stone. Avoid lotions or over exposure to sunlight and extreme 

METEORITES: Meteorites are metal. Usually iron/nickel, when exposed to moisture, they can and will rust if you get them wet on a regular basis. Never saturate or submerge a meteorite in liquid. 

AMBER: Amber is fossilized tree sap/resin. Chemicals such as suntan lotions and hairsprays will degrade, damage, or discolor the amber. Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool dry place. 

OPALS: Opals are mostly water. Don't leave them in the sun and keep them away from hairspray and other chemicals.

First and foremost, we stand by our work. If a stone comes out of a ring, or you have an issue with a wire-wrapped piece, we will do whatever needed to fix the problem! However, we will not give credit for stones that are broken, lost or damaged due to negligence. We may use stones with inclusions, but we never work with stones that are broken or seriously fractured. That being said, if a piece is damaged or broken, we will be more than happy to discuss repairs for a fee.

We no longer give any discounts or exchange credit for broken or damaged rings, pendants, or other items. All sales are final.