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Fall Mailing 2012

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer! As many of you know, it’s been busy over here! Along with all of our shows, Eric and I have had the opportunity to collect new stones in Wisconsin this summer.  We have found some amazing, rare coldwater agates as well as new druzy quartz and marcasite. They are making beautiful stones, and I’m having a blast designing with them. We have also had some time to “treasure hunt” at antique and flea markets, and are bringing back spoon rings and antique dish jewelry for our fall display!


Below is a list of our fall shows for 2012. We have a very exciting line up this year! Each of these events are wonderful because they showcase local businesses while creating a fun atmosphere for the entire family.  I myself  am excited to get shopping for the holidays! J


We will be headed out to the fall International Gem Show, and plan to have even more unique stones. For a complete list, please visit our website. Here are the things I am the most excited about: 


-Eudyolite, seraphinite, charolite and tourmaline from Russia

-“Atlantis Stone” or Stichtite in serpentine, prehnite, AAA bolder opal and silken calico tigereye from Australia

-Aquamarine crystals, tourmaline slices, tourmalated quartz, rutilated quartz and kyanite from Brazil

-New USA stones in excellent quality: opals, agates, fluorites, fossils, onyx, moonstone, turquoise, fossils

-AAA Larimar, kyanite, sugelite, green amethyst, ametrine, amber, blue topaz, ammolite, labradorite, moonstone

-Red creek jasper, ocean jasper, dragons blood jasper, picture jasper, snake skin jasper

-Crazy cool AAA Mexican fire opal, and NEW Mexican purple opal

-So many more!


We will continue to have over 700 pieces of jewelry at each show for under $20. Pendants and other jewelry pieces will start at $4, beads will start at $1, and collector gems, minerals and fossils will start at $2. I am also planning to design an extensive line of woven-wire gemstone rings, some hammered wire earrings and new charm pendants using the antique dishes and Lake Michigan tumbled glass.

This year marks our 10 year design event! While we were out west, I created some of my most intricate and “crazy” designs yet, some taking up to 8 hours to finish. Many of you have seen some of these new designs, and I have continued to develop new pieces for our fall shows. These 10th anniversary pieces include a variety of the unique stones we found at the gem show along with twisted and beaded wire in 100% one-of-a-kind designs.


The biggest sale event we are having this fall is our home show in October. As many of you know, we are planning to move in the spring (hopefully our last move for a while), and have already started to “clean house” on many items that I have been setting aside. I’ve pulled out stones I had forgotten about in AAA quality: agates, kyanite, opals, moonstone, coral, druzy, fossils, etc.  As a result, I have realized that we have A LOT of items to move, and instead of moving them to a new house, we’re going to liquidate as much as possible. The house will be stuffed for the entire week!


-1500+ pieces of jewelry at 50% off

-Beads at 50% off: starting at $1

-Fossils and minerals starting from $1; 100’s of faceted gemstones for $1 each


Last but not least, I would like to mention that we are booking home shows, and starting custom design orders for the holidays. NOW is the time to book a home show! I started doing home shows by request over 8 years ago and they are so much fun! I bring jewelry and special request items, you provide friends & family and relax for a fun day of shopping! More information is available on our website.

NOW is the time to send in your custom holiday orders! All custom orders must be in by December 1st to guarantee delivery in time for the holidays.


I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful support this year. We have enjoyed having a chance to visit with everyone this spring and summer, and we hope to see you this fall!


Jenny & Eric (and Sebaztian)